Malta Block is operated by Z-Meta, LLC, a Delaware Limited
Liability Corporation authorized to conduct business in Illinois
and is located in Champaign, Illinois. We have a deep
understanding of the technological requirements for fast,
efficient block production with minimum latency. We are
focused on providing the optimal block producing
In pursuit of our mission of accountability and clear
communication with the community, we believe it is essential
for us to be upfront about our ownership. We have committed
ourselves to avoid conflicts of interest, and always maintain
our financial independence. Malta Block owns no investments
in other block producers, and maintains its financial
independence to ensure that there will be no conflicts of
interest in carrying out our duties to the community.
Z-Meta, LLC is 100% owned by our president and founder
Michael Gucci. We commit ourselves to never buy a stake in
another block producer, and to never engage in any unethical
practices in regards to managing our interests within the